Causes of Environmental what are the causes of environmental pollution in Pollution

We should try to work together to end pollution and build a comfortable environment. We should remember that if you educate one individual, they will hold hands with you and reach up for the others, thus doing the best for our environment. Our environment is life, health and love.
Soil erosion is another factor that can cause environmental pollution. Through soil erosion, silt is transported to water bodies, making water unclean for human consumption. Silt clogs in respiratory systems of aquatic organisms, such as gills of fish and stomata in plants.
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In its best shape, the simple re-use of a waste product is regularly taken into consideration a form of recycling. Using an antique jar to keep domestic-made jam, or the use of an empty milk carton as a tree planter to shield a seedling from the elements, are simply examples.
The causes of environmental pollution are many, including oil, air pollution, and soil erosion. Oil spillage causes environmental pollution when oil is spilled in water. Oil kills the aquatic animals, thus causing decomposition that will lead to further pollution. Smoke and fumes from industries also cause environmental pollution since it produces smoke that may limit oxygen supply. The agro-chemicals are also something that pollutes the environment. These chemicals affect the respiratory activities of aquatic organism since they contain heavy metals. These chemicals also accumulate along food chains, what are the solutions for ocean pollution