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Smoke from the Caldor fire is overwhelming one of California’s most iconic regions — and confounding thousands of newcomers who fled there in recent months to escape the coronavirus.
A first-of-its-kind study links wildfires to skin problems. Here’s what you need to know.
Hundreds of scientists and policy analysts left the government during the last administration. That’s a problem for President Biden’s climate agenda.
A new study links air pollution from wildfire smoke to higher rates of coronavirus cases and deaths.
A new study highlights the dangers of wildfire smoke. Follow here for the latest on extreme weather, including floods, wildfires and more.
Here’s what we know about wildfire smoke and a few tips to protect yourself.
Air environmental pollution news articles Pollution
Air environmental pollution news articles Pollution
The defeat of the Byhalia Connection pipeline was a rare victory against environmental racism. environmental pollution news articles

A red-hot economy, wildfire smoke from California and the shriveling of the Great Salt Lake are making Utah’s alarming pollution even worse.
The office will be the first government effort to focus specifically on the public health dangers of global warming.
Search Search Clear this text input 9/11 Survivors Are Still Getting Sick Decades Later: ‘Am I Next?’ Hundreds of thousands of people, from firefighters to students, were exposed to toxic material, leading to health issues, some fatal, years later.
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